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Karinkuru Anime was established in January of 1998 by a group of anime fans. As fansubbers, we are committed to the effort to promote the art of Japanese animation in the United States by providing free of charge translations, timed scripts, and videotapes.

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Below is a list of our current subtitling projects:

Bastard!! Destructive God of Darkness 1-4OAV30 min/epLaserDiscBastard1.zip
Bastard!! Destructive God of Darkness 5-6OAV 30 min/epLaserDiscBastard2.zip
Bubble Gum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 1-2TV 30 min/epLaserDiscBgc1.zip
Cowboy Bebop 1-3TV 30 min/epLaserDiscBebop1.zip
Cowboy Bebop 4-6TV 30 min/epLaserDiscBebop2.zip
Cowboy Bebop 7-9TV 30 min/epLaserDiscBebop3.zip
Key the Metal Idol 1-4OAV 30 min/epLaserDiscKey1.zip
Key the Metal Idol 5-8OAV 30 min/epLaserDiscKey2.zip
Key the Metal Idol 9-13OAV 30 min/epLaserDiscKey3.zip
Key the Metal Idol 14OAV 90 minLaserDiscKey4.zip
Key the Metal Idol 15OAV 90 minLaserDiscKey5.zip
Shin Kimagure Orange RoadMovie 102 minsLaserDiscShin_KOR.zip
Laputa: Castle of the SkyOAV 133 minsLaserDiscLaputa.zip
Macross: Ai Oboeteimasuka (Do you Remember Love - Perfect Edition)Movie120 minsLaserDiscMacross_DYRL.zip 
Mamotte Shugo Getten (1-4)TV30 min/epLaserDiscShugogetten1.zip 
Mamotte Shugo Getten (5-8)TV30 min/epLaserDiscShugogetten2.zip 
Mononoke HimeMovie133 minsLaserDiscMononoke_Hime.zip
My Neighbor TotoroOAV115 minsLaserDiscTotoro.zip
Porco RossoOAV 115 minsLaserDisc Coming Soon!

* Not available for distribution due to U.S. license. Please do not ask for this title!

Below is a list of our current music videos:

Music Artist
Created by:
Armitage III: GelCollective SoulRogue
Evangelion: The Final CountdownEuropeRogue
Key the Metal Idol: RememberBtArmitage
Shamanic Princess: In Your EyesPeter GabrielRogue and Reverbe
Mononoke Hime: The Mummers DanceLorenna McKennitRogue and Reverbe
Shin KOR: BelieveYuko YamaguchiArmitage
Nadesico: Pull (Coming Soon!)FatRogue

We are looking for sponsors to help us with new projects. If you are interested in helping Karinkuru Anime by funding, or loaning untranslated import LDs to be translated and subtitled, please E-Mail us. Thanks!

You can download our Amiga Bitmap fonts here.
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