Welcome to Crinkle Technologies, Inc. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality hardware available today with unparalleled service and support.

We are pleased to announce our new line of networking, maintainence, and security hardware. Please check out all of our exciting new designs from Crinkle Technologies, an industry leader and a name you know and trust.

The Network Magician - Bring your network to its knees.
Omni Conflictor 2000 - Fills that empty space in your life.

The SCSI Bus Master - We are your masters now!
The Homestyle-800BX Motherboard - Fast and tasty, guaranteed to satisfy!
The Modem-Miser Gigabaud Upgrade - Bandwidth from hell!

The Packet Dropper 2000 - With patent-pending Collide-o-Rama Technology!
Autolag-ZX2 - The ultimate online-gaming companion!
H.C.F. Expansion Card - The ULTIMATE in PC security!

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