Chapter 10. Editing

     Now that weíve gotten through the complicated technical side of subtitling (and it really wasnít that hard, was it?). letís turn our attention to something easier. An important aspect in subtitling is the quality of your script and dialogue. Using good grammar, spelling, and punctuation is important for producing a quality product. As I have said before, it is best not to cut corners to try and save time, youíll only be shortchanging yourself in the long run.

     When working on a script, it is not advisable to work alone. Having seen and read your script so many times, you become accustomed to it. Donít forget to load your script into your word processor and spell check it there. All scripts are plain text format, so you can easily do this. It is also great to have another pair of eyes to help you spot typos, grammar mistakes, spelling, etc. Even better, is taking your preliminary subtitle to a club screening and have members of the club track down your mistakes. You wonít believe how many things other people can catch that youíve missed.

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