Appendix 2. Resources

     The Internet is a fantastic place to find out information regarding fan subtitling. If you’re reading this document, you probably already know that! Here are a few great places to find out more about the fan subtitling world and to get help if you have questions. - A complete collection of fan subtitler’s resources including which groups are working on which title, links, documentation, and much more!

#Fansubs - An Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel on Efnet where many knowledgeable people reside. You can find me online there using the nicks of Armitage or Souichiro.

Conventions - Most large conventions have a high turnout of fan subtitlers. Most even have suite where they hang out. If you have serious questions about subtitling, most would be happy to share their experiences with you. Also, look for convention-run panels on fan subtitling. For a list of anime conventions, check out the AniPike.

AniPike - This web site is the definitive reference for anything anime related. Here you will find links to all the fan subtitler’s webpages, convention sites, and series information.

Appendix 3. Sample Scripts
     For those of you who would like a whole entire script to see how everything comes together, you’re more than welcomed to download and examine or run any of Karinkuru Anime’s scripts, which are available from Karinkuru Anime on the “Projects” page.

Appendix 4. Credits
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